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Every year, Nur Insan is blessed to be given an opportunity to be one of the main beneficiaries for MegaXpress Event at Singapore EXPO hall. This year, we are looking for your support to help us make this event a remarkable one. Here are some of the ways that you can be part of this campaign: - Volunteer during the event - Sponsor lunch/dinner (Cooked Meals/Donate Cash) for our volunteers. - Be a Nur Insan Ambassador. - Sponsor products/items for our goodie bags. - Contribute to our campaign by pledging to our monthly donation.

What can you do at our booth?

We accept the following transaction at the booth:

- Direct & Monthly Donation
- Perform your Fidyah - Perform you Wealth's Zakat - Waqaf "Ilmu" Nur Insan - Qurban & Aqiqah

What payment method do you accept at your booth?

We accept Cash & NETS for any transaction at our booth.